Everlord (2020)


Incubus Wrath

I just didn’t see him crawling
Those thrashed wings. Red eyes of pain
long ago the poet wrote the things for coming
Nevertheless the curtain fell

I lost the way

As the origin of temptation
Wild fire tide against the rain
There was no leaf that could endure through that endless winter night
A poison drop to my dispair

Don’t you fear for the ones around you?
Don’t you fear for a never ending bane?
This beast is a never-ending nightmare
Get away from my stare. I’ll crush you!

Hail the Fool
Let your inner self devotion face the truth
that turns around me
Hail the Fool
All this path seems much easier without you
This incubus wrath

Walk again the lands you covered
Feel again those marks you carved
Live together with this pain you are looking for
It never dies. It never fades

No one’s waiting for my tears
Salvation’s begging for your relief
It never dies. It never fades


Queen of Chaos

(Ladies and gentleman! Gate’s open to the unstable realm )

It’s time again to see your floor collapse
Another story crumbles. I can tell you
Those oaths and promises will fall apart
My name will make you shiver. Can you get through?

Would you remember the hearts I torned?
Tribulations cast your crown
Scars of life will shape your soul, for sure

Queen of Chaos, rule the world!
As the matters change, you’re still lurking
Queen of Chaos, rule the world!
In this gorgeous ocean in which we are sinking

Lose your breath. Lose your gravity
You can learn to behold the chance
of the one you were.
Oh please… Majesty, lead me!

Skies are falling. The Queen has returned
She smiles at you. Make her feel proud
One strike to make you kiss the floor

Let chaos rule the world!
– as long as my blood is still flowing
– an inner force to free us all
– to the end of times


Lady and the Raven

A shy smile
Her farewell gesture(jesteahr) it will keep forever
Black night. Chatting through the window pane
Shared gloom in their eyes

Autumn’s taking over…

Then, as darkness was haunting me
I wrote the tale of the Lady and the Raven
Wilting meadows of hope left in me
The deepest love. The grief of the fallen.

I should admit,
The end came too fast for the dreamers they were becoming
Was wrote their trail as a duet
to perform that closing act

Now Autumn’s taking over

I feel this darkness is haunting me
I wrote the tale of the Lady and the Raven
Wilting meadows of hope left in me
The deepest love. The grief of the fallen.
I can’t forget what made me fall



Welcome back to the disaster
Welcome back to the “never seen”
Face the havoc you let happen
Heart’s wide open. Don’t let it in

In this trivial world we’re living in
the creature inside of me is getting stronger
Feed this monster

I’m the chimera, as you can see.
Bow them both, lord and king
I’m the chimera inside of me
Choose the demon you’ll set free

Keep your aim at the impossible
Metamorph of the sacrifices and the fear
Behold this behemoth. The dragon’s heart. The freezing madness…
You redefine this freak to take care of it
In this trivial world, our monsters remain

Will you feed your chimera?


Per Aspera



Ad Astra

A new spark is rising
My eyes are turning back to life
Only the silence lays behind the storm
Now our empire is wasted. All beauty has gone
Pain: no longer a concept
but a feeling to live for
An upside down reflection of my world
Just look back through this lifeline. All your loved ones are gone

Step by step clouds are fading
I took the moon but not for you
In this apocalypse past is burned

This story untold
I will keep alive as ever
At the gates of this trail of stars I will remain

Let me tell you the truth
As my world sinks forever
At this distant space and time I will remain

… and the deed will tell….
My dear, my lover. Remember me
It’s not fair but the end is coming
Leaving borders behind we’ll join together
And the deed will tell
Another step… the journey has just begun
Another step… behold what I’ve become
Another step… those promises will lead me home


Blackstar Machinery (2016)

Defying Gravity (2013)